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November 29, 2012

After a little bit of reflection this week, I realized it’s almost been a year since Jeremy proposed. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t believe what life looked like just a year ago. I was so antsy and so excited, patiently hoping for the moment he’d ask me. Apparently, he had picked up my ring from his mother while we were at his aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. I was never apart from him, yet I had NO idea.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The holidays are here and it’s such a special time for those sweet proposals. Did you know that December is the most popular month for engagements?

So, almost a year ago, my planning began and my mind started spinning with ideas. There are so many planning tools out there–magazines, blogs, planners, books, etc. and truthfully, I loved it all. Some girls don’t look at anything, some look at little and I was definitely a girl that looked at it all. I have a love for good design, great photographs and all the DIY details. I just love how many options there are out there. It can be overwhelming though, so stay true to who you are as a couple!

One of my favorite magazines to plan with was Southern Weddings magazine.  I had a variety of magazines and blogs I loved to look through, but Southern Weddings was full of all things sweet and well, southern! Sweet tea, biscuits, open air, country, DIY, elegance and family. It even helped me realize things I loved that I had no idea I would ever like. The best part is, amongst all the details, they have a focus on what really matters: the love and the marriage.

“You want more than a wedding — you want a stronger-than-a-Southern-oak marriage. The greatest thing I’ve learned in the last five years is that love never fails.”

-Lara Casey | Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

I couldn’t agree more!

And guess what? Southern Weddings just launched their V5 edition! It’s full of beautiful details, food and true love stories. I picked up the V5 edition a couple of days ago and I’m loving all of the features.


A few of my favorite features/quotes include:

1. ” 35 Tips for Creating a Meaningful Southern Ceremony”

2. “The most significant way Southern Weddings has inspired me – and I  hope y’all – is not in how to style a cake or arrange a cetnerpiece. It’s how to keep love,gratitude and joy at the center of wedding planning, and the wedding.” – Emily Thomas | Creative Director

3. ” Family Heirlooms” – it features a cake full of cherries! Marrying into the name “Cherry” has been the coolest thing. I can’t help but love all things cherry, and this cake reminded me a little of our cake.

4. “Virginia is for Lovers –  Being born and raised in VA, I have a lot of state pride!

5. “Blue Ribbon Bounty” – This feature is all about PIES! Jeremy and I had so many handmade pies among our dessert table, so I love seeing how other people can use the wonderful pie that reminds me of home, grandma and family.


I won’t spoil too much for you, go grab yourself a copy here!

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow–I have a Christmas special I’ll be announcing for all the newly engaged couples! (And even for those who may have an anniversary!)

Marissa @ Southern Weddings

Oh heavens, Amy! You’re sweet as those pies we featured, and we cannot thank you enough for such a kind post! Thanks for your support! xx

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