Celebrate: One Year Anniversary

June 24, 2013


I can’t even believe how quickly this year has flown by and I can’t believe how different life was just one year ago.

One year ago, I woke up in my childhood bedroom alone for  the last time. I woke up eager with butterflies. It was the day I would marry Mr. Jeremy Cherry. Rehearsal had gone well and we’d spent the entire night decorating the barn for the reception. All the planning was done and it was time to let it all happen.

The vintage china and cherry coke bar were set and ready. All of the centerpieces we’d worked on for moths were set up and 200 white chairs were lined up in a lush, freshly mowed field, with the arbor my father made at the center. The lines had been rehearsed, and the excitement was building. Our wedding is a day I dreamed of and it went off without a single hitch. What a blessing.

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I can still remember every joy I felt that day, yet that joy hasn’t stopped, as the best part of that day is by my side each day.

It’s been a year full of excitement, to say the least. In our first year of marriage, we became an aunt and uncle twice. Jeremy started a new job at Paramore, and I officially started my business. We made many new friends, grew closer and had to say goodbye to some friends. We’ve seen friends marry, and we’ve seen them raise children. It’s been a year of discovery and adventure. Our dreams grow larger each day, and our love roots deeper.

Jeremy is an amazing man. He is a patient and selfless man, he keeps me grounded and holds me accountable. I’ve learned so much about him and he has taught me so much about myself.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. I feel so blessed that my job entails capturing that first day of marriage for others, because words can’t communicate that joy. After the wedding is done, you start a life together and I am just so thankful for the journey so far what is to come. It’s been an amazing year and I truly look forward to the excitement that is to continue and to come.

The funny thing is, I can’t really remember what life was like before marriage. Life together has just felt so whole, that it’s hard to remember what it was like not living daily life together .

All that to say, here’s to an adventurous first year, and countless adventures to come (Europe, anyone?).

Happy Anniversary, Jeremy!

Amy + Jeremy – Wedding Highlights from Jon Combs on Vimeo.

*Our wedding video should be above, but if it doesn’t show up and you’d like to view it, click here!

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