An Adventure in Colorado: Part I

July 25, 2014

We went to see our good friends Chris + Adrienne in Colorado earlier this month and I’m still in awe of the beauty we saw and the time we had. From Denver to Breckenridge to Colorado Springs to Boulder and finally the Sand Dunes, it was a very full and beautiful trip.

Here are a few of my favorites from our first couple of days on our trip…sand dunes will follow next week!

1332che140717-R3-009-3 1332che140717-R3-023-10 Colorado2014-34 1332che140717-R3-027-12 1332che140717-R3-033-15 Colorado2014-49 Colorado2014-71 Colorado2014-76 Colorado2014-136 Colorado2014-135 1332che140717-R3-057-27 1332che140717-R3-049-23 1332che140717-R3-055-26 1332che140717-R3-063-30 1332che140717-R3-065-31 1332che140717-R3-071-34 1332che140717-R3-077-37 Colorado2014-152 Colorado2014-194 Colorado2014-203 1332che140717-R1-014-5A 1332che140717-R1-018-7A 1332che140717-R1-024-10A Colorado2014-2451332che140717-R1-028-12A 1332che140717-R1-036-16A 1332che140717-R1-040-18A 1332che140717-R1-052-24A Colorado2014-327 Colorado2014-303 Colorado2014-2631332che140717-R1-072-34A 1332che140717-R1-074-35A

Canon Mk III, 28mm 1.8, 50 mm 1.4, Canon 1N, Ektar 100

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