Belle Lumiere Workshop, Nashville Film Photographer: Part I

August 14, 2014

I’ve been a lover of film images for years. I’ve talked about it, dreamt about it and even started shooting a bit. When this workshop announcement popped up, I went back and forth for days deciding on whether I should take the plunge. It was something I wanted so badly but was afraid to make the leap….and it may have been the best decision I’ve made all year.

It was two wonderful days full of medium format (and some 35mm) film. No digital allowed. So much learning, so much beauty and so much growth. I’m so excited to finally share a few photographs with you from this workshop. I learned so incredibly much and am so thrilled to continue this new medium of art.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part II!

BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0068 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0064 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0072 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0066 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0065 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0069 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0071 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0070 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0073 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0074 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0077 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0076 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0075 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0079 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0083 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0081 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0080 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0084 BelleLumiere_BloomsburyFarm_AmyCherry_0085

Canon 1N, 50mm 1.4, Contax 645, Pentax 645N, Portra 400

Workshop – Belle Lumière // Cameras – Contax Rental  // Location – Bloomsbury Farm // Film Processing/Developing – Film Box // Styling – Ginny Au // Rentals – 12th Table  // Hair and MUA – Amanda Gros // Dresses – The Dress Theory // Dress Designer – Rue de Seine  // Invites – Script Merchant // Teachers – Elisa + Edward Bricker, Austin Gros, Ryan Bernal // Model – Lauren Ledford // Florals – Caroline Jones with 12th Table


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