One of my favorite parts of shooting film is the freedom. The freedom to take photos and let the lab do the work. Freedom to take intentional photographs on adventures without hours at a computer.

Here a few favorites from our adventure with our friends Jen + Chris at Rock Island. An ode to summer!

Film_RockIsland_0151.jpg Film_RockIsland_0145.jpg Film_RockIsland_0147.jpg Film_RockIsland_0153.jpg Film_RockIsland_0148.jpg Film_RockIsland_0150.jpg Film_RockIsland_0152.jpg Film_RockIsland_0154.jpg Film_RockIsland_0156.jpg Film_RockIsland_0149.jpg Film_RockIsland_0146.jpg Film_RockIsland_0155.jpg Film_RockIsland_0157.jpg

Canon 1N, Portra 400, Fuji Superia 400, Film Box