Kyla + Chas: Married

November 19, 2014

I met Kyla the summer of 2010. I was in Nashville as an intern for the summer and decided to volunteer with an organization I had connected with through a previous trip to Nashville with my church, People Loving Nashville. She was so incredibly kind and welcoming from day one and it’s crazy how even after I moved back to VA to finish school and then made the move to Nashville officially the following year, she didn’t miss a beat in welcoming me back. She’s got a heart of gold and serves others in so many beautiful ways. It was so cool to hear all about her story through the years between jobs, homes, etc….and when she met Chas, I had a feeling he’d end up being the one she married. Though Kyla and I didn’t get the chance to hang out outside of People Loving Nashville, the few times I did see her, it was always great to hear her talk about Chas.

One evening, Jeremy and I happened to park near Kyla as we got out to head downtown to volunteer. She paused for a second before telling the friends around that she was engaged! Shortly after, she touched base with me about photographing her October wedding, and I was honored to be a part of their special day. After their sweet outdoor ceremony, Kyla surprised Chas with taking him to Radnor Lake for some time away and some time alone for their portraits. I loved watching them so giddy in love and freshly married! Their day and evening was full of friends from so many parts of their live, here are a few outtakes from their day! Congratulations Kyla + Chas!! | Amy Nicole Photography | Amy Nicole Photography | Amy Nicole Photography | Amy Nicole Photography | Amy Nicole Photography


Those are really beautiful photos, Kyla and Chas (and photographer)!

I’m so happy I got to be a part of such a special occasion love you guys

These are very nice. I love the happiness you captured!

So beautiful!

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. The photos for me captured the pure love between Bride and Groom.

Beautiful photography—-Beautiful great-niece
May God bless you richly, Kyla and Chaz

Lovely pictures, beautiful couple, beautiful dress, lovely setting and happy times.

Beautiful. They capture you

The wedding pics are beautiful an so is the new mrs(he’s pretty handsome too) .we wish them gods blessing.


Kyla you are a stunning bride
! Beautiful wedding photos. Thank you for sharing.

Amazing! What beautiful pictures!

your other mother :-)

couldn’t be more beautiful! Love, Love.

Stunning photos.


beautiful bride. Lovely wedding gown and the pictures are great!

These look so professional! I feel like I am celebrating the wedding in person as I look at the pictures. You are so beautiful!!!!! <3

Beautiful pics! 🙂

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