Abby + Ryan: Radnor Lake Engagement

May 12, 2015 I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I’m at a loss for words. Trying to fit Abby + Ryan’s story into a sweet little paragraph just won’t do it justice. Jeremy and I first met Abby through our small group at Midtown Fellowship. It’s hard to believe we’ve had our group for over 3 years now. Our group has seen so many things over the years. So much joy, pain, grief, love, the list goes on. We’ve seen marriages, moves, and babies and to share that all together really is indescribable.

Abby is such a dear friend and through all the ups and downs of life, she’s remained such a beautiful light of Christ. She loves and cares so well for those around her and anyone who calls her friend knows the amazing woman she is. Well, now she’s set to marry an equally wonderful guy who looks at her in the way every woman hopes to be loved. Ryan just adores Abby and watching them together throughout their engagement session would make anyone simply joyful.

These two will marry next month and I can hardly believe it’s just around the corner. Congratulations, Abby + Ryan, we can’t wait to celebrate you two!

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