To say that our trip to California was unforgettable truly would be an understatement. We experienced every possible emotion throughout our 9 days there….

I had the opportunity to photograph Rebecca + Joseph‘s heartfelt vineyard wedding in Grass Valley (their blog post is coming soon!) and then we planned to make the road trip trek from Grass Valley to Yosemite, then off to Big Sur and end it all out in Napa  before flying out from Sacramento.

Two hours into our drive from Grass Valley to Yosemite, our trip took quite a turn, as we were hit head-on and involved in our first car accident. It truly was incredibly terrifying, as we were hit again as we were pushed into the opposite lane and then ended up in the middle of the road in the opposite direction. I’m still driving with jitters over a month later. And, I’ll spare photographs from the accident, as I know my mother will probably come across this post, and well, we know how much our mama’s love us!

We ended up walking away with a simple scratch and seatbelt bruise, which was just one of many testaments that the Lord was carrying us and watching over us that day.

I’ll save all the details, but due to the amazing fire station in Farmington, we were taken care of and taken 30 minutes west to the nearest Enterprise to get a new rental car. (The wreck happened in “no man’s land” as they like to call it!)

Though 6 hours later than we intended…we finally made it to Yosemite. It was a hard decision to make, as we wanted to just give up and go home…but choosing to move on and keep going was the best decision we could have made. And getting to enjoy the places you’ll see in just a moment helped bring so much peace amongst a rather rocky start!

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Canon 1N + Pentax 645 – Developed by Photovision // Canon 50mm 1.2 + Canon Mark III