Emmaline: Baby’s First Year Heirloom Book

January 23, 2017

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This post has been SUCH  a long time coming. And I’m so excited to finally share this gorgeous Heirloom Book with you.

As you know, Heirlooms bring your story full circle. For the past couple of years, I’ve had the joy of working with multiple families where I walk alongside them for their baby’s first year and document their sweet child growing. It’s always so amazing to me how much they grow in a short year. Because of this, I can’t imagine my families walking away from their year of sessions with just digital files. Digital files just don’t do their sweet family justice.

After Miss Emmaline turned One, we created one of the most gorgeous Heirloom Books. It was a statement piece as a 12×12 Book with over 100 pages, and oh my, I love that I get to create these beauties for my families. Watching Katie sit down with Emmaline and thumb through the pages was even more rewarding than I could have dreamed! Watching Emmaline point to herself as this young age brings me so much joy knowing that this book will mean even more to her as she grows older and her parents continue to share & document her story.

These heirlooms are what it’s all about. It’s preserving your family’s story in a way that each generation can enjoy. Because really, who wants to sit around a tv/phone/computer to view photographs? You want to snuggle on the couch with your family and share these photographs along with laughs, joyful tears and endless stories.

The best thing? Each Milestones collection includes one of these gorgeous Heirloom Books or an Heirloom Box of all your photographs. You simply choose which way you want to enjoy your photographs, but no matter what, you’ll have something to cherish your child’s first year…and they won’t be tucked away on a hard drive.

Are you expecting? I’d love to document your precious child’s first year! Say hello here, so we can talk about documenting that beautiful family of yours.

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babys-one-year-heirloom-photo-book-by-charlottesville-film-family-photographer-amy-nicole-photography_0265 mom flipping through baby's photo book baby holding photo book mom and daughter looking at baby book mom and baby looking at photo book babys-one-year-heirloom-photo-book-by-charlottesville-film-family-photographer-amy-nicole-photography_0256 mom pointing at photos babys-one-year-heirloom-photo-book-by-charlottesville-film-family-photographer-amy-nicole-photography_0260 babys-one-year-heirloom-photo-book-by-charlottesville-film-family-photographer-amy-nicole-photography_0255 babys-one-year-heirloom-photo-book-by-charlottesville-film-family-photographer-amy-nicole-photography_0262


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