Choosing Your Photographer: Year after Year

July 19, 2017

choosing your photographer for life by charlottesville wedding and family photographer, amy nicole photography_0044Let’s be honest, it can be pretty hard to choose a photographer. Whether it be your wedding, welcoming your first child or updated portraits for this season in your life. It can be overwhelming to look at portfolios, reach out to different photographers, figure out your budget and what exactly you’re hoping for in the session. There’s a lot of questions that go into it….but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Over the years of my business, I’ve had many wedding clients become family clients as they welcome their first child. I’ve worked with families every couple of months throughout their baby’s first year, and then have continued to document their sweet family as their little one grows or as they add another dear child to their family!

It’s a dream and honor of mine to continue working with the same couples and families year after year. To see people’s lives change and grow over counless years has been such a treasured experience. And of course, those “clients” really end up becoming friends, which is so much more than I could have asked for!

With all that said, I’ve realized that for those couples and families that I continue to see and photograph, the experience is so very different. They are more comfortable, they get even more excited with each session, and there’s a sense of calm because we already know each other so well. We’ve built a relationship together, and that’s something I’m so very thankful for! | Amy Nicole Photography

So, I wanted to share a few reasons why you should consider choosing a photographer for your entire story…from your first day of marriage, to your first and fifth anniversary to your first child, last child and the many years beyond. Because I promise, photo sessions don’t have to be and shouldn’t be stressful!

1. It will be something you look forward to, not stress about.
Your annual portrait & family session can be something you budget for and have in mind. Maybe you have your photos taken every fall at your favorite spot in town. Or maybe you know spring is when the trees in your backyard bloom just perfectly. Either way, you can schedule ahead and have one less thing to accomplish on your list because it’s already scheduled! (And your photographer can help make that happen seamlessly by scheduling ahead!)

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2. You will be comfortable since you’ve already worked together.
Imagine showing up to your family session to simply spend time with someone you’ve gotten to know for years. No more small talk or learning about your family, but rather you’re catching your photographer up on all the life you’ve lived since the last session! Plus, you’ll have an idea of how the session will go since it won’t be the first time you’re working together.

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3. If and when your children are involved, they’ll look forward to it too!
I have had moms and dads tell me so many times that their children will say “see Amy?” on the car ride over, because I’ve known them since birth. And my, what joy that brings to me. It’s such a treat to see children grow and learn so much in such a short time, and it’s the dearest compliment to have them excited about spending time together! It won’t be a chore for your kids, because they already know the photographer.

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4. You’ll have your story told in a familiar way.
All those photos on your walls and in your books on coffee tables will have a familiar feel, because you’ve worked with the same photographer for years. I work with so many couples that have me document their growing family, and seeing their walls fill with photos we’ve worked together on over the years is such a fun transformation to watch!

5. No more research, pricing questions, or surprises.
You’ll feel comfortable, you’ll have less planning to do, and one more thing….you’ll already know the process! You’ll know your favorite portrait collection, or book, or wall print size. You’ll know what the photographer offers, and they will know what you love! No more emailing and figuring out different styles, sessions, collections, you name it. Yay for simplicity!
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Of course, there are countless other reasons why building a relationship with your photographer can be so fruitful. If you have any questions at all or would like to chat more about your next session, I’d love to hear from you! 

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