I believe in a simple life & a simple love full of authenticity and wonder.

Simplicity and family ground me and drive me. I was raised in small-town Virginia, but have always had a love for the city life. I’m known for my spunk, my wild curls and my endless obsession with all things nostalgic and iconic. After having an adventure in Nashville, TN with my husband for a few years, we’ve made our way back to Charlottesville, VA.

I’m one of the crazy ones who believes love is truly simple. Not easy, but simple. I believe photographs only come to life when they are held and shared with those around you. I think some of the most epic moments of our life are found in the everyday, and I believe timeless will always outshine trendy.


“If you can give yourself to someone then you should…”

Dawes | A Little Bit of Everything

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