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Ok, I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get my days straight this week. And well, I guess I couldn’t get them straight last week. I sent an email on Thursday that said “Thank God it’s Friday!” I’m sure that person got quite a laugh, and I got a rude awakening.

In all seriousness, Jeremy’s parents are coming this weekend and I have next week off from nannying, so I’m just anxious for things to come. Not to mention, my parents are coming the weekend after so the next week will just be so full of goodness that I can’t stand it.

With that, I want to bring a little goodness your way. If you’ve been following the blog for a little while, you’ll know my love and heart for Mocha Club + FashionABLE. I interned with Mocha Club a couple of summers ago, and our team was a part of the FashionABLE development. FashionABLE is an organization that creates sustainable business for women in Ethiopia through the selling of beautiful scarves. Not only does your scarf purchase provide jobs for wonderful women, these scarves are seriously the prettiest scarves I’ve seen…and I’m not saying that just because I’m biased. You can learn more about their commitment here. 

Well, I had the opportunity to photograph some promo shots for the organization last Summer and I had the same opportunity this Spring. I love having the chance to give back in any sort of way with my photography, so I absolutely LOVE photography projects like this. All that to say, FashionABLE just launched their Spring line and these scarves are to die for. I had such fun photographing the new styles and soon will be posting some outtakes from the shoot.

In the meantime, hop on over to livefashionable.com and check out the new spring line featuring two new styles. The color combos are just lovely!

Also here are a few ideas for these scarves:

  1. These scarves are perfect for spring weddings! They make great accessories for your bridal party and a cute accessory for the bride–such a fun way to add a pop of color. (Click here to learn more about wedding scarf packages)
  2. A scarf is a great bridesmaid gift! Even if you don’t want to use them in your wedding, they are a beautiful gift for your girls. You can pick a different style for each girl and show them how much you care. The best part? You’re giving back with your gift!
  3. Stuck on a mother’s day gift? These are perfect for your mom. Some of the women who make these scarves are mothers, so really, you’re giving two mother’s day gifts!
  4. Gift Yourself! Who needs another reason? There are so many to choose from and a scarf is such a fun and easy accessory to add to any outfit.


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