Baby’s 6 Month Photos among the Buttercups in Charlottesville, VA


Timing a session with certain things in blooms, or just the right light or weather can really add up to be quite the number of logistics. It can be hard to pull all together, but it’s something I love thinking through so that we can plan and aim for the best possible photo experience for everyone in the family…especially the kiddos.

We had planned this little man’s 6 month session in late April and I *hoped* that the buttercups would be in bloom and I was so very pleased to see that they were in bloom when I pulled up to this location in Charlottesville. Add in purely delightful weather, and a happy baby, and you have pure gold.

If you’re considering having your family photos scheduled with the buttercups in Charlottesville, here are a few tips for planning your session.

Planning Your Session

1. Timing: Buttercups bloom in early to mid-spring, so aim for that time. The best light for photos is during the “golden hour,” which is just after sunrise or before sunset when the light is soft and flattering.For this location in particular, I love the evening light around sunset.

2. Outfit Choices: Pick outfits that go well with the natural beauty of the buttercups. Light, neutral colors or soft pastels work great and let the yellow flowers stand out. Avoid busy patterns or bright colors that might clash with the flowers and the vibrant greens of the Charlottesville, VA area..

3. Enjoy your Family: One of my favorite parts about the buttercup fields is that it welcomes everyone, especially the kids, to play and enjoy the fields. We have so many opportunities to get sweet moments like your kids playing among the flowers, and picking the buttercups.

4. Plans can change: Spring weather can be unpredictable, so we can have a backup plan in case of rain. I love scheduling a backup date when we plan so that it’s easy to pivot if needed.

Springtime in Charlottesville, VA, is simply magical. As the weather warms up and nature starts to bloom, these cheerful buttercups bring such life and warmth to photos – one of my favorite things to plan for with family photos in the spring!

Amy Nicole Photography (Amy Cherry) has been a photographer for over 15 years. Amy is a family & newborn lifestyle photographer serving Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. She creates timeless, genuine and effortless photos for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. She offers on-location, at-home, studio and outdoor family photo sessions

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