My Love Affair with Prints + Creating Heirlooms


Prints have always been a favorite of mine. As a child, I’d go through the boxes and boxes of photographs my mom and dad had taken of our family as we grew up. Not to mention the countless videos my parents taped of us growing up. My dad never lets me forget my famous words, “take a picture of me!” Any time there was a camera or camcorder out, I shouted that out without end. (Funny how I ended up a photographer, huh?)
photograph prints
Well, a main initiative of mine as a photographer is to revitalize the world of prints and albums. That is why each of my wedding collections come with prints or an album. I do not want my clients keep their wedding day on the computer, or even worse, in the desk drawer. I know that’s quite a statement, and I absolutely would not judge anyone that does that (it takes so much time to choose which ones to print, etc!), but it just hurts my little heart that so many couples have their beautiful first day of marriage on a disc or a hard drive and not out in the world.

I want a couple’s wedding day to be living and breathing with them. They may be on tables or bookshelves, but they are out for everyone to share and see. The best part is, they aren’t just out to share now. Even when the family photos begin to replace the wedding photographs, those wedding prints or albums will resurface in generations to come. Your children will be able to get a glimpse into your sweet life and it will be a treasured record of the first day of your marriage.

This is why I do what I do and why I find such joy in photographing + documenting these special times in peoples’ lives. I revel in the opportunity to provide memories for people that they will one day share with generation after generation. I truly love printed photographs and I truly love heirlooms. In a world where our lives are purely documented online instead of on paper and books, I begin to fear the loss of our memories and documents. Where people used to have pen pals and written documentation of their lives, it’s now all online. Yes, this is still written documentation, it just isn’t as tangible to me. There truly is nothing like the feeling of holding a photograph.

Heard enough of my rambling? See for yourself– here is a beautiful Heirloom Box with 100 photographs of Megan + Travis from their wedding day–what a gem! (See those photos all spread out? That’s not even 1/2 of those 100–can you imagine holding 100 true photographs in your hands?)


So, what do you think about printed photographs these days? Do you still love them? Thoughts on the Heirloom Box? I’d love to hear your feedback!


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  1. Brittany Claud says:

    Ahh…gorgeous work Amy! I LOVE that you include this I think it’s so important to have your photographs printed or in an album! I love your heirloom boxes they’re amazing…beautiful, beautiful work!!! 😉

    • Amy Cherry says:

      Brittany, thank you SO much for reading/following. You are just so sweet, and thank you for the kind words! You know if you ever want to visit Nashville, you have a place to stay!

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