www.amynicolephoto.com/blogRyan and Abby married in June at Grace Valley Farm amongst a lush green canopy of trees, and seeing their wedding day printed brought their day to life in such a beautiful way. I am absolutely in love with their classy Heirloom Box they chose!

Abby chose for her bridesmaids to wear navy, so this beautiful blue fabric was the perfect compliment to the colors from their wedding day. It’s always a joy to see the photographs that each couple chooses for their heirloom box, and it’s truly a treat to see their story told in print. Viewing your wedding photos on  a screen just really doesn’t do your day justice.

When packing up these beauties, I always think of the hands this box will see…the family that will treasure these photographs and the children who will be fascinated by their mom and dad so many years before them. Even as technology changes, these prints will endure!www.amynicolephoto.com/blog www.amynicolephoto.com/blog www.amynicolephoto.com/blog