Angela & Geremiha: Wedding Heirloom Book

November 17, 2016


When the FedEx or UPS man drops off new Heirlooms, I drop everything I’m doing to open up the packages because I can’t wait another second to see my awesome couples’ Heirlooms. I can only imagine how excited my couples are when they get their special delivery since it’s actually theirs to keep and treasure for years to come!

No matter what, my couples always walk away with Heirlooms. The best part? Each couple puts their own unique spin on their Heirlooms by choosing their covers, fabrics, leathers, etc. So, it’s not just a typical box or book or album – it’s YOURS!

My album company recently introduced silver, gold and rose gold foil as debossing options for certain fabrics, and I am in LOVE! They bring another unique element, and Angela & Geremiha opted for the gorgeous rose gold foil with deep sea fabric, and I can’t get over how beautifully it turned out. In case you missed their wedding, you can see it here.

And of course, they had their Heirloom Box in their collection as well and they choose classic colors for a timeless piece to always enjoy!

These beautiful Heirloom Books are options for wedding AND family clients – as families who work with me throughout their baby’s first year gets one of these beautiful books or boxes included in their collection. I have a beautiful Heirloom Book for families to show off very soon!

Heirloom Book Details:
Fabric: Deep Sea
Foil: Rose Gold
64 pages

Heirloom Box Details:
Includes (100) 4×6 photographs
Fabric: Oatmeal
Foil: Gold

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