I wake up early Saturday morning. Ready to go volunteer with Help-Portrait. All week, I had planned to meet Jeremy and Phil (his best friend) for lunch once I was done. Boy…was I in for a surprise!


December 10 = Jeremy D. Cherry proposed and I am to be the newest Mrs. Cherry in the family. It was more than a dream I could have ever dreamed and I can’t wait to marry my partner in crime. I know you’re wondering, WHAT’S THE STORY!?

As I said above, I had planned on volunteering in the morning and then heading to lunch around noon. So, at noon, I left the help-portrait event and headed home. I called Jeremy on the way and we agreed to meet at my house and then go to lunch since Phil was still getting ready. So, I decide to call his sister Shannon on the way home and we chatted until I arrived. She never even let on that this was going to be a big day, she just told me to have a good time and lunch and to tell Phil and Jeremy she said hi. (This still makes me laugh that I’m soooo oblivious!)

Then, I slowly walk in the door and quickly I knew that I wasn’t going to lunch. (Cue: Start Crying) In the middle of my living room was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’d seen with a beautiful note from the one and only Jeremy Cherry. (See the images below)

So, of course I watched the video. 3 times. I was so happy and excited and full of tears that I just couldn’t comprehend it all. He was so excited in the video and you could just see him full of joy. (Little did I know that the day before he got up at 5:30 a.m. to film the video!) He was taking me on a scavenger hunt to Bicentennial park downtown. He told me to go to the “1796” column and continued to show me the path to follow in the video.

I get in my car and start driving downtown….balling the entire way. I really am glad I’m new in town because it would have been an awful time to see anyone, as I couldn’t stop crying. I probably scared anyone I did see on the road!

I finally arrived at the park, but in my excitement went to the “1976” column instead of the “1796.” But, the park cop found me as I was walking on the sidewalk and asked me if I was looking for anyone. I said “Yes, my boyfriend,” all the while still crying. He told me to go up further, since there was someone waiting for me. I got in my car and drove up a little and Mark from our small group was waiting with a sign pointing me where to go. But he wasn’t the only one…Renee, Ann-Christen and Joanna were all there with signs (on the pathway in the photos below) pointing me the way to go.

I stop to cry and hug everyone as I go. Then, I finally get up on the hill and look down into the beautiful ampitheater downtown where my future husband was waiting center stage for me.

I ran. I jumped….and I cried.

I’ll save the sappy details and keep it as a special moment for us, but Jeremy got down on one knee and said “Amy Nicole Gwaltney, will you marry me?”

(PS–This ring is his Granny’s ring from the 1940’s. It took months to be restored and it’s absolutely priceless. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect and I’m so incredibly honored!)

As soon as I said “YES!,” I hear kazoos and tambourines. It all didn’t make much sense but I looked to my right and saw Mr. and Mrs. Cherry. Then I saw my brother…then my Mom + Dad…and my roommate, and our dear friends Chris + Adrienne Scott. I was FLOORED. And you thought I cried enough earlier…..

He had arranged for my family and special friends to be there for our special moment to celebrate. We had our moment and then had the chance to share it with so many people we love.

It felt like it was all straight out of a movie. But really, it was SO much better.

We spent the rest of the day celebrating and making special calls…he even had planned an engagement party/dinner! Thank you so much to everyone who was there to celebrate with us. It meant the WORLD to us!


Jeremy D. Cherry, let’s tie the knot! I’m so excited to be your wife. I’m the luckiest gal in the world.


  1. Curt Dudley said:
    I am so very happy for you Amy! Wish I could give you a big hug right now. Thanks for sharing your story, I feel as if I were there.

    The best of all life can bring to the both of you. I'll have to get used to the Cherry name, but I'll do so eventually.


    December 19, 2011  3:13 pm
  2. Annette said:
    Congratulations Amy and Jerermy. we are so happy for you both. Cannot wait to hear when the big day will be. I cannot put into words how happy i am .

    love annette
    December 19, 2011  8:43 pm
  3. me said:
    It was a beautiful day!
    December 19, 2011  9:44 pm
  4. Robin said:
    December 20, 2011  4:26 pm
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Thanksgiving is upon us.


It feels like it’s approaching quicker than I can handle. And dont’ get me wrong, I love the holidays more than anyone you know. (Jeremy even refers to me in the same sentence as 50-year old at heart who wants to make macaroni garland and christmas ornaments.) I can’t help it…..I just LOVE this time of year. And the reasonI said it’s coming quicker than I can handle is because I want to enjoy every. waking. moment!

I want to soak it in. Love as much as I can. Give as much as I can. Celebrate as much as I can. And celebrate what CHRISTMAS is really about!


So…I wanted to blog today about something I truly believe in. A genuine, loving, worshipful Christmas.

Below is a link to a video put together by a group called Advent Conspiracy. Before I tell you what I think and go on with this post, I want you to pause and I want you to watch this video.


$450 billion a year on Christmas. What would the baby King in the manger think of that?

This makes me so very sad. It hurts. Extremely deep down, it hurts. What have we done to the day we celebrate the birth of our SAVIOR?

I’m not calling anyone out, believe me, because I’ve always been a part of this. And, this group isn’t starting this campaign to say “stop spending money and stop giving gifts.” They created this video to get our attention!

Simply, we need to cut back. We need to run full force into what Christmas is about. The miracle of it, the love of it, the joy of it.

I don’t know about you, but I am making my gifts this year. I don’t want to spend money on a gift that someone’s not in love with. I want to give my time, I want to spend time with the people I love. I’ve never felt such a draw to simply relax with my family and friends until I moved away. What I’m going to treasure this year is the music, the joy, the celebration and the love of having family around me.

Isn’t that what it’s about? Because we always say it, we hear this lecture over…and over….and over…and over….but we STILL fall into this trap of spending tons of money  and time all the while filling our hearts and minds with stress.

If I do nothing else this Christmas, I’m going to get this idea through my head and enjoy the simplicity of worshiping and being joyful.

Will you join me?

And not only that…let me know you read this. I’m not looking for readers, I just want people to hear this. The message didn’t come from me by any means, but I just want to see that I’m not the only one out there that was moved by this. So, if you’re in, leave a comment and let me know what you think!



Hello Strangers!

So sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No excuses.

Well, except for one….I started my internship with Griffin Technology on Oct. 10! I’m so excited, as I’m already having a blast. The office is great, the people are wonderful and the creativity is inspiring—I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

And, my lovely mother came up for a fun visit last week and we had such fun hanging out, cooking and relaxing!

In the midst of all the craziness, I finally got out to shoot with my NEW CAMERA! After the whole car fiasco  (aka my Bonneville dying the second week we were here and me having to buy a new one),  I still had the opportunity to finally get the camera I needed thanks to my lovely parents. Seriously so blessed.

Mom + Dad, You amaze me.

To celebrate the camera, Jeremy + I headed to a local park just to enjoy the sunshine. Also, did I mention mom brought my dad’s old Canon 35mm to town? Yep, we used that too and I’m DYING to see the results!

So, enjoy some fun images of Mr.Cherry:

And I even had my photo taken, thanks to my beau!


  1. me said:
    No, Amy, You amaze your Mom and Dad.

    Love the pictures as usual and your beau did a wonderful job also.
    October 24, 2011  6:17 pm
  2. Wanda Starke said:
    Great pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them.
    October 24, 2011  7:41 pm

So there it is.

I’ve shown you my favorite photos. I’ve shared stories…but I still haven’t told you about half my trip. Unfortunately, I can’t do that in a blog. An experience like we had can’t be confined to a few words on a blog post or blog posts. It’s way too great for that and God’s way too big for that. If you want to know anything more, see any more photos, etc…shoot me an email, leave comments with questions, dial me up. Whatever you want. I love sharing more, I’m just still processing it all.

No worries though…I’ll soon be putting up an entire gallery devoted to our trip. And I’m sure I’ll be telling stories about Ethiopia for the rest of my life.  So just keep visiting, God reveals things in pretty cool ways.

Here is the video series and please keep coming back for the new Ethiopia gallery!

**Remember to refresh your page in case it doesn’t come up right away. Or click on the title to see the video in another window.

Video 1: The Beauty of the Earth

Video 2: Walking Our Way

Video 3:  Good Eats + The Culture

Video 4: Our Brothers + Sisters

Post #5: fashionABLE in Ethiopia


  1. Grandma said:
    Amy I have loved all your photos. I can't wait to see you in person and hear all the details. Keep writing you are doing a beautiful job!!!
    September 21, 2011  2:51 pm
  2. Millie Hiner said:
    Amy, I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your slides and videos. I'm going to Ethiopia for two weeks on Feb. 20th and am really excited about it. Your comments have helped me to prepare for the trip, especially about not having pity on the people there but looking forward to how they can inspire us. There are five of us going from Shenandoah Presbytery and we will attend IBS's annual conference and visit some of our projects, etc. Please keep us in your prayers. God bless. Millie Hiner
    January 23, 2012  11:41 am

So it’s finally here…the final slideshow. I still have a few photos to share from my visit with the ladies of fashionABLE, but this is the final slideshow highlighting our trip to Ethiopia!


Making this slideshow was the most difficult, exciting, saddening and joyous one for me to make. These people I met have a true deep part of my heart. They love hard, give hard and live hard. Children are happy with what thy have and students are eager to learn. Everyone we met was so excited to see us….I hope they know how excited we were to see them.

During our time there, I had a hard time with processing it all. I expected to go and be wrecked in my heart and mind. When I didn’t have that reacation, I immediately thought…”What’s wrong with me!?” Why  am I not torn up about what I’m seeing?

It took me a little bit to figure out, but it’s because I was expecting to pity. It’s so shameful to admit, but that’s what my vain mind thought. But, I don’t pity the people I met at all. They taught us so much about life and so much about how to live…and how to give. People glowed with Jesus’ love. I saw Jesus in each one of their faces…their eyes…their heart.


I think once you go through the photos/slideshow…you’ll see what I’m talking about. Sometimes I just want to get on a plane and go hug them and hang out with them. My biggest prayer is for their basic necessities to be met at the very least. I want more for them of course, but they’ve got a lot of things figured out way better than I do when it comes to giving and loving!

We always ask: :Why are they hungry?” “Why are they sick?” “Why are they dying?”

And the answer is us..humans. God provides, and He works through us to provide. He gave us abilities to help. Poverty wouldn’t be where it’s at without sin. We sin, we don’t give graciously ….we pity. We’re apathetic + sympathetic. We need to learn what compassion is from the One who showed it best.

We don’t need to help with Western ideals in mind but rather our Lord’s idea of community. He gives us the opportunity to be His hands and feet (not just a wallet because financial aid isn’t always the answer). And I’m not immune….I’m just figuring it all out like you are. So let’s follow Him.


  1. Robin said:
    The final slideshow for me is the BEST! Beautiful faces, beautiful people. Music is awesome.
    September 13, 2011  4:44 pm
  2. Grandma said:
    We are missing you in nashville, let us hear from you
    September 15, 2011  5:56 pm
  3. Doug Sensabaugh said:
    Yep, Amy. This slide show is really what its all about. I love their faces, smiles, and just what you see in them. They warm my heart!
    October 26, 2011  3:46 pm

Hello from Nashville, TN.

Ok, so it’s been a little while. And I apologize for that…but things have been a little crazy. Considering I’ve only been out of school for 3 months, life’s been pretty chaotic.

  1. —Graduation
  2. —Spontaneous 3 day trip to test-drive Nashville
  3. —Texas vacation
  4. —Ethiopia for 5 weeks
  5. —Home for 2 weeks
  6. —Official move to Nashville, TN

It’s been a transitional summer to say the least. Stability is what Jeremy and I crave more than anything! Moving doesn’t really make things “stable,” but at least we’ll be in the same for longer than a month from now on!

Well, enough whining. I’ve been soooo eager to share these next photos with you! Today, I’m sharing photos from various meals we had, the coffee ceremony and different details of the Ethiopian culture we experienced.

Here are a few tidbits about Ethiopia we experienced:

  • As founders of coffee, the cups of joe were pretty phenomenal. And as Jeremy likes to say, “it’ll put hair on your chest.” —There’s no such thing as a “light” roast. Every morning the ladies of the house freshly roast, grind and brew the coffee. Many people have coffee plans in their backyard–talk about organic! And the favorite coffee pairing is….popcorn! Who woulda thought it was such an amazing pairing!?
  • Ethiopians eat with their hands. So, in order to do that more easily, there biggest staple is “injera.” It’s a flat, spongey, sour pancake in which the food is placed on and eaten with. It’s created from teff, a type of flour, and fermented. Unfortunately, my body didn’t like injera so I had to opt for bread when we ate traditional meals.
  • When not eating traditional food, our lovely cooks made dishes with an American spin. Their marinara sauce was AMAZING (considering there is a high Italian influence with Ethiopia being formerly occupied by Italians). Pasta, potatoes, rich and everything that has carbs were staples for us. One night we even had potatoes with marinara sauce–quite the combo!
  • Macchiatos were TO-DIE-FOR. Great coffee with steamed milk=delicious! Seriously can’t explain how amazing they were.
  • Bananas and mangos were our staple fruits, since we could only eat fruits with a peel.
  • Scaffolding for homes/buildings were pure wood. These people were brave!
  • Women do SO much work in Ethiopia. You can see the women cooking, weeding, helping carry stones and water, etc. These women are strong and incredible.
  • Talk about free-range chicken. I saw the chicken we ate right before it was slaughtered. Ethiopians never have to question where there food came from, it’s all natural!
  • The market was quite the scene. Animals walking, feeding and using the bathroom in the same area fresh veggies were sold. But, all produce was fresh from the ground. And you may think NYC is busy, but try the market in Addis or Mettu….so many people offering so many goods! Everything from chiles to scarves to bananas to you name it. Such a great experience!

Enough of me talking—here’s the video/slideshow! Remember to refresh your page if it doesn’t show up automatically:

Our cool hats we never got around to using much since it was more rainy than sunny!

One of the buildings at Jimma University.


“Sprite” in Amaric:

A view at the market:

Precious — Hawi and Jeremy:

Our translator Dawit (We called him David) being silly!

Our Chacos we only got to use on the compound since it was too muddy everywhere else!

Charcoal for roasting coffee–these girls moved the coals with their bare hands!

At the market:

The beautiful church we attended:

Coffee Plant: Red beans = ripe!

Fresh bananas:


  1. Robin said:
    September 6, 2011  3:02 pm
  2. me said:
    I agree it is amazing!
    September 6, 2011  7:57 pm