Happy Friday! Oh, how I love Fridays in the summer…so many possible adventures for the weekends!

Today, I bring you something oh, so special. I had always dreamed of Jeremy’s proposal being photographed, but it wasn’t going to be something I’d be upset about if it didn’t happen…just a VERY big hopeful dream of mine. When Jeremy proposed, I replayed the scene over and over in my head, wrote in my journal, blogged about it, and repeated the story to as many people as I could as to never forget the day. My awesome roomie at the time got some photos, but little did I know, Jeremy had a very big secret up his sleeve.

As you know, Chris & Adrienne Scott are two great friends of ours we met here in Nashville. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and they even did our engagement photos. (See them here!) They were there the day Jeremy proposed and I was so thankful to have some close friends there. Once again, little did I know they were all part of a big scheme for my wedding day gift. (Yes! My groom planned my wedding gift from day one of the engagement. Yes, he is that thoughtful, he is that intentional and he is that AMAZING!)

Jeremy had told me for a few months that I would love my wedding gift. He loved to tempt me and tease me and keep the secret from me. With a proposal as wonderful as his, I knew it would be an amazingly thoughtful gift, but I had NO idea exactly how INCREDIBLE it was.

We sat on the front porch of the house he + his family stayed in the night before the wedding (located at the venue). As we exchanged gifts, he even had a specific order of how to open the gifts.  First, a small box with some beautiful earrings.

Then, a small white box with a viewfinder in it. A viewfinder…..with photos from the day he proposed!!! Chris Scott had photographed the entire thing. Apparently on the day Jeremy proposed, Chris hid out in a bush and photographed the whole thing. And, he + Adrienne had a good friend disguise herself on the steps leading into the amphitheater doing a time lapse of the whole thing (see below!) By the time my family + friends surprised me from behind the amphitheater, Chris snook his way in and I never knew anything happened. (Read about the whole proposal here.)

Not only did he give me a viewfinder, he gave me a beautiful frame of some of the photos from the day and a thumb drive with every single shot of the proposal, along with a time lapse video that Chris put together. I am SO thankful for this. I have an incredibly thoughtful + creative husband and incredibly amazing friends + family!! Thank you so much to everyone who was there, who was a part of it and a VERY special thanks to Chris + Adrienne who were partners in crime and super secret keepers!


Enjoy a replay of our day!

A look inside the viewfinder:

Talking to me on the phone, as I start putting some of the pieces together that he is going to propose!

Bicentennial Mall Proposal

Test shots for the camera:

Coming down the amphitheater, I didn’t know which set of stairs to take…he had to point me down!


A look from Chris’s hideout in the bushes/trees!

The moment I realized my family was there, I LOST it. I had NO idea he had schemed for them to come from VA!

Jeremy + Amy: A Very Cherry Proposal from Amy Gwaltney on Vimeo.

Jeremy + Amy: A Very Cherry Proposal from Amy Gwaltney on Vimeo.


  1. Annette said:
    Oh amy you are so lucky. It made me cry to watch it was so sweet. And Jeremy you are something. It was great. love you both

    July 27, 2012  11:13 am
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Today, we have been married one month. I know one month isn’t long in the span of things, but I seriously can’t believe our wedding day is a month behind us! Some wedding photos are beginning to trickle in (ahh, CAN’T WAIT to receive/see them all!!)

But, in the meantime, I have a few special things to share before the wedding photo craziness begins. I’ll have some detail shots I took of my own jewelry/shoes for our wedding to share this week, but what I’m even more excited to share is the photo series I’m hinting at below. Jeremy gave me the most incredible wedding gift and Chris + Adrienne Scott are the for being partners in crime to make it happen! (They also took our amazing engagement photos they blogged about here: Our Engagement Photos)

Stay tuned for more, later this week!

(hint-hint–it was cold outside when these photos were taken and it was life-changing!)

Winter Proposal in Bicentennial Mall

Courtesy of:



As I have hinted on Facebook, I have been pretty absent from the online world for a few weeks. At times I feel so detached, but at the same time, it’s been so freeing. We signed up for internet the day we got back in Nashville, but for some reason, the earliest date they could come out was July 17. It may a battle we should have fought, but we are thankful for the quiet times we have had as newlyweds. And, it gives us an extra reason to get to work and continue making our duplex a home. (I can’t wait to show the pics of the transformation!)

In the meantime, I’ve been dying to share these photos from our honeymoon. Jeremy and I stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun resort in Cancun on the Mayan Riviera. Jeremy’s sister + her husband had stayed at the Excellence, and Jeremy’s brother + his wife honeymooned in the same area too. In addition, we got recommendations from our awesome travel agent Sandy Riner at Turner Travel…how could we say no?! It was the perfect place to honeymoon. With all of the craziness of unpacking, we haven’t been able to find the cable to upload the pictures of us at the beach from our pocket camera, but one day I’ll post a picture to prove we were there!

One morning I woke up early and happened to step out to take a photo from our balcony. Then, I realized there wasn’t a soul at the pool or on the beach and I knew it was prime-time to take some snapshots of the beautiful resort. It’s the only time I brought out my “real” camera and I’m so thankful. I got the shots we will want for memories and for frames, and then I shut my photographer brain off  and enjoyed….


The view from our balcony:

What our “rooms” looked like from the outside:

Such incredible pools:

One of the many bars, such a cool lobby!:

The view from our steps:

The pool hammock we saw in brochures and dreamed of for months–perfect way to keep cool in the sun without being in the pool!:

This is the swim-up bar….in the pool. We didn’t actually ever swim up, but we figured hand-delivered drinks on the beach were a perfectly acceptable substitute!:

Such a dream, beds on the beach!

These umbrellas were amazing. With a wonderful breeze, we were always perfectly cool:

Seriously?! This view was straight out of a magazine!

What a perfect paradise, huh?

We are definitely getting this one framed. What a great memory of this paradise we called home for a week.

I leave you with this simply perfect view. Forget the attempt to stop daydreaming….



We are back in Nashville and settling into what real life looks like around here. And, I’m officially a Cherry! (Well, not legally…gotta make a trip to Social Security first.)

The last month has been quite a whirlwind. I had the opportunity to go home for my brother’s graduation two weeks before the wedding and just stay home with family to prepare for the big day. What a blessing! It was so amazing to spend time with family, no matter what chaos surrounded us with wedding preparations.

Look at that stud!

So, you can imagine the last month has been a little wild. And, you can imagine I’ve got stories to share, memories to share and photos to share…especially with a honeymoon in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. The wedding photos aren’t in yet from our amazing photographers and we’ll eventually have an amazing video to share with you too (from the one and only Jon Combs, who shot our save-the-date video!), but until then, here’s a sneak peek of our honeymoon in paradise.


The view from our balcony:

The beautiful beach in the early morning:

I am so looking forward to sharing all of these with you, check back soon for the full post!



In one month, this girl:

will be marrying this guy:

And I’ll be wearing a different kind of white dress!

Today marks the official one-month mark from the day I wed Jeremy Cherry.

I am stunned | anxious | excited | joyful | nervous | happy | in shock | giddy | pumped.


So many emotions! The time just keeps flying and I’m just craving for the time to slow down and speed up at the same time! My mind is a jumbled mess at times with all of the emotions and to-do lists, and oddly, I’m not ready for the planning process to be done.

But, I am excited to share that incredible day with all of the ones we love and haven’t seen in far too long. And most of all, I’m excited to share the day with the man I’ll call my husband.

There’s been lot of work, sweat, ideas, design, time and love that has gone into this process. It’s going to be a beautiful summer day filled with emotions I’m anxious to feel and emotions I can’t even imagine I’ll feel.

So, what’s my plan?

To relax and take it all in. To live it up and love it up. I’m going to enjoy every single second of time with friends I’ve been dying to see and time with family that I miss every day.

Stress – Be Gone!

PS—thanks to Chris and Adrienne Scott for these incredible photos!!


  1. me said:
    Very Nice!
    May 24, 2012  8:31 pm

Happy Wednesday everyone! These weeks are just flying by, it’s hard to believe.

Late last week, I posted a sneak peek of the shoot I did for fashionABLE, a non-profit providing sustainable business for women in Ethiopia. If you’ve been a regular follower, you know my love for all things Mocha Club and fashionABLE. (Jeremy and I even got to meet the women behind fashionABLE last summer when we went to Ethiopia…check out the photos here.)


“…fashionABLE works with women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty.  So, when you purchase a scarf you are providing jobs, and then we send the net profits back to holistically rehabilitate more women.

Scarves provide jobs, profits provide restoration.”


How amazing is that? Not only are you purchasing a stunning scarf, you’re helping incredible women in amazing ways. Now, that’s a fashion statement.

So, of course I was honored when fashionABLE approached me about photographing its summer line. Throw in two gorgeous models, and you’ve got one perfect shoot on your hands.

You can view the fashionABLE summer line here, and read more about its mission here.