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Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s been a few months since our wedding, and the photos have been shared. But, as a wedding photographer, I thought I’d share my favorite moments from the wedding day. Some are the usual moments, but some are the unseen or forgotten. I love the little details my photographers caught, as they both had different styles, so as a whole, Jeremy and I have so many moments to treasure.

Here’s a snapshot into our day!

A Huge Thanks to Seth Binsted and Frank Ameka for all of the wonderful photos!!

1. Getting my makeup and hair done:

Amy Lynn is AMAZING. No one has ever done what she has done with my hair…or at least no one has done it successfully. And, I don’t even know how to speak of her talents with makeup. She’s so fun to work with, she helps you destress and it was such an incredible feeling when you’re done. I truly felt so beautiful and it was so nice to just show up, relax and let Amy Lynn do her thing.

2. The penny in my shoe:

My grandmother loaned me this penny for my wedding day. The best part is, it’s the exact penny she wore in her shoe on her wedding day and my aunt also wore it in her shoe as well!

3. My Wedding Gown

It’s a girl’s dream. Even if you don’t dream of it all your life, there is still something so magnificently special about a girl’s wedding gown. This gown is everything I said I’d never want. I wanted lace, slim cutting and a V-back. I didn’t want strapless or a girly ball gown.

Then I tried it on. And it fit like a glove. And I felt amazing.

This is the dress I married Jeremy Cherry in.

4. My Mom

Oh, man, do I love my mama! Seriously, we talk every single day, multiple times a day. And it’s more of a “we’re best friends” kind of thing. She’s the most amazing mother in the world. So kind, so generous, so giving and I love her to pieces. She’s was the woman behind the wedding and it couldn’t have happened without her!

5. The Veil:

Below, my mother is placing her very own veil on me. I got to wear my mother’s beautiful veil. It fit perfectly and no one could believe it was 32 years old. It was EXACTLY what I dreamed of. Coolest thing, my dad lifted her veil when she became his wife and he lifted the exact same veil on his daughter over 30 years later to give me away. That is my favorite thing. Oh, I love heirlooms!

6. My Groom:

He’s just so handsome. It’s so cool to wonder what he was thinking while looking through all these photos. I’m one lucky gal!

7. The Groomsmen:

These guys are AWESOME. They are so good to Jeremy and they are so good to me. They are wonderful and I love that they are family.

8. My Brother and Grandma:

Isn’t this such a cool moment? My brother walked on of my grandmothers and my mother down the aisle, and this was just before they started walking.

9. Aisle Time with Dad:

This is right before Dad and I walked down the aisle. We walked in, he fixed my dress and the doors opened. It was such a rush and the coolest feeling ever. Love you, Dad!

10. Jeremy’s Reaction:

Ok, I did dream of this. I always wanted my future husband to just be stunned. Maybe it is a little selfish, but it’s the one moment that you are a shining bride. It’s the only time you’ll walk down the aisle to your husband. It’s beautiful and it was perfect. Jeremy was so happy and I was elated.

Above Photo by Sandi Mitchell

11. Our Ceremony:

It was just as I pictured. In a field with a bright blue sky and beautiful, fluffy clouds. So many people dream of the party and the reception, but the ceremony is what it’s all about. We were surrounded by so many that we love and we felt the love. The Lord was with us and it was beautiful.

12. Our First Kiss:

I just love this photo of our first kiss as man and wife.

True story: In our rehearsal, I laughed and turned away when this part came along. I was embarrassed to kiss in front of so many people. I’m not much for too much PDA, and I had never pictured 180ish people staring at us on our wedding day. Obviously, I got over that quickly!

13. Our Exit:

Jeremy and I just love this moment. It captures us as man + wife for the first time, it captures our friends, our venue and our day. It’s such a frozen moment, and we love it.

14. Stillness + Pondering:

This was a random shot  almost immediately after the ceremony. I’m in my own world pondering the fact that I’m actually married now. I remember being in such shock that it finally was true!

15. Our Portrait Time:

I’m a photographer, how could I not love photo time?!

16. My Girls:

I love each and every one of them dearly. They are each their own and I am so unbelievably thankful for each one of them. You girls are amazing and beautiful. Thank you so much for being by my side every step of the way and on my big day!

17. Real Moments:

These aren’t the posed photos. These are the real moments between newlyweds. These are the best kind of moments.

18. The Heat + Hilarity:

It was HOT on our wedding day. This is a true moment of a sweating groom and bride. With so many layers, I’m surprised I didn’t sit down more. And, I’m pretty sure we had about one bottle of water that day. Whew, I don’t know how everyone did it!

19. Our Flower Girl:

This picture says it all. Is she not precious!?

20. Our Reception Decor:

Mom and I made those runners. And pretty much any decor you see. We worked for months and it came out exactly as I dreamed. Stringed lights, banquet tables, mason jars for drinking, wildflower bouquets. It was beautiful!

21. Our Cake + Dessert Table:

Pies, cookies, cake, fruit, you name it, we had it! Mom made many of the cake stands and the table was presented so beautifully. Did I mention that everything was delicious?

22. Our First Dance:

Yes, there were some true sentimental moments captured, and I loved them all. But, this picture is so us. We can’t be serious but for so long!

23. Our Meal Prayer:

Our first prayer as husband + wife. I just love that this moment was captured. Like I said, I love the genuine, real, moments.

24. Father-Daughter Dance:

It was so sweet and I loved our song. I’m just surprised we didn’t cry. I was totally expecting it, but I guess we were both just so truly happy that we enjoyed the moments!

25. Mother-Son Dance:

Jeremy loves his mama. And I love that he does. She raised such an amazing man and she is an amazing mother, I’m so thankful to have her + Mr.Cherry in my life. They are wonderful! The best part is, after this, they broke out into an Elton John song. This woman can dance!

26. The Toasts:

This was so fun. Kelly and Phil rocked their toasts and even framed the written toasts for us to keep forever. Such an amazing gift, amazing toasts and amazing friends!

27. Our JMU Family:

So many of our JMU friends were there and I love them all! These two guys have been my best buds since freshman year. Joe + Grantel (Grant), thank you! And the clan below have been such awesome friends to Jeremy since freshman year, I love them all!

28. My Reception Shoes:

I’m a shoe girl all the way. These shoes were comfy and so random, I had to have them!

29. Our Venue:

Adams International School was the perfect venue for us. The mission behind the school is wonderful and the women that helped us are wonderful! Not to mention, how beautiful is this view!?

30. Dancing Time:

I refused to leave our reception without dancing. Thank you to all of you who danced with us, Night at the Roxbury style!

31. Garter Toss:

Isn’t this hilarious? Jeremy’s best man and my brother going after it. Such a cool moment.

32. Our Grand Exit:

As a photographer, I did my sparkler research to make sure we got the perfect sparklers. They turned out beautiful. Funniest part: my dad and brother are firemen,  so they walked around with a torch to light the sparklers. Oh, I just can’t help but laugh.

I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since our wedding day. It was so perfect and it was so beautiful. I’ll daydream of it forever and we are so thankful for everyone who helped make it happen. You know who you are and we are so dearly thankful and love you. Thank you for all of your support and thank you for joining us on our special day, you helped make it perfect!!

–Amy Cherry

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  1. me says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I got to re-live the day. It was so very beautiful. I am one happy and blessed Mom. I love you so much.

  2. Wanda Starke says:

    The pictures were great but I missed two little girls that were in the wedding party. You made a beautiful bride.

  3. kris says:

    Amy and Jeremy,
    The photo of Jeremy’s first view of Amy is such a true, honest moment. It’s obvious this man truly loves the woman he is about to marry. God’s blessings to you both.

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  5. Grandma says:

    I haven’t been on your Blog. I am anxious to se it. I get so many e-mails , by the time and delete I am tired out.

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