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Good morning!

As I sit here and try to write about my life one year ago today, I’m just blown away. One year ago today, Jeremy asked me to marry him.

One year ago! Seriously? And, we’ve already been married for almost 6 months. When they say a lot can happen in one year, they aren’t kidding. It’s so funny how much life has changed.

One year ago, I was helping out at Help-Portrait, and it was FREEZING cold. The entire week, Jeremy had been telling me his best friend Phil was coming into town and that I was to meet them for lunch. I was bummed to leave Help-Portrait early, but so excited to see Phil. I even called Jeremy’s sister on the way home just to chat and she didn’t let on to a single thing. Jeremy had told me we would meet at my place and then choose where to go to lunch from there.

And that’s when it all changed.

I arrived home to find my roommate gone and a bouquet of flowers and a secret list. At that point, I just lost it. I had been so eager for a few months (Jeremy’s original plan was to propose August-Septemberish, but he was having his sweet granny’s ring restored, which took longer than he expected) and at that point, I knew exactly why those flowers were there and that we weren’t going to lunch with Phil. (See some photos here) Along with the flowers, was a sweet note he had designed and link to this video:

Your BIG SURPRISE! from Jeremy D. Cherry on Vimeo.

(Refresh your page if you don’t see a video above this line)

At this point, I was crying too much to drive, but that logic slipped my mind, and I headed downtown. When I arrived, I was a little out of it and went to the wrong numbered column (of course I would), but a cop who worked at the park asked if I was looking for someone and he pointed me on my way. I arrived to find friends from our small group holding signs pointing me on my way to my future husband. ( Yeah…the tears certainly weren’t stopping at this point)

When I finally got to the point where I could see him, it opened up into a huge amphitheater that was downtown and he was center stage. I ran so quickly and I am still in shock I didn’t trip and roll down every step. I jumped in his arms and from there, I can remember most things, but most words are vague. I remember every feeling, but it is funny how almost all the blood/excitement rushes to your head and I can’t remember what he said.

Well, of course I said YES! But, the story still isn’t over, after I said Yes, he yelled out “She said YES!,” and our parents and friends all came out of hiding. His parents had been in town, and I had no idea. My parents had driven through the night and I had NO idea! My roomie was there, some friends from small group were there, and our sweet friends Chris and Adrienne were there.

It gets even better, Chris had been taking photos of our proposal the entire time and Jeremy never told me. The night before our wedding, he gave me a viewfinder that had photos of our proposal in the reel, as well as framed photos of our proposal. (Read all about that here and see photos of the viewfinder) Also, see below for a time lapse!

Jeremy + Amy: A Very Cherry Proposal from Amy Gwaltney on Vimeo.

(Refresh your page if you don’t see a video above this line)

Jeremy, you definitely get the boyfriend+fiance+groom+husband-of-the-year award. You are so unbelievably creative and you made the most special time in our lives so incredible. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for a story that I will tell for years to come. I love you!


I am one lucky gal and so very thankful. I hope you enjoyed our story, and feel free to check out my post from last year (just a day or two after it happened). I have some photos of the flowers, the amphitheater, the list he made, etc.


Check back next week for more Music Monday! Also check out last week’s Music Monday here.

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  1. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    This is so precious!! Thank you for sharing this sweet story 🙂

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