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Amy+Jeremy-1When Jeremy and I were planning our wedding, we actually started looking for wedding bands pretty quickly since we had a 6 month timeline, and with getting married in a different state, our timeline was more like 5 months since we need to have everything a month in advance so that no matter what, we’d have things in time before we hit the road.

When we were wedding band shopping, we ran into a lot of the same wedding bands at different jewelry stores. There were a good amount of choices for me, but when it came to Jeremy, he pretty much had the choice of white gold, gold or tungsten. Don’t get me wrong, you can find some pretty great traditional bands, but Jeremy is definitely not the traditional guy and he wanted something he would enjoy wearing. He’s just not the shiny metal type of guy.

So, I thought I would give you all a few nontraditional wedding band options that we found when searching for wedding bands. There really are some cool options out there, which is so refreshing for those of you who are looking for bands that truly match your personality. I mean, you will be wearing it everyday, so you might as well love it! Anything from copper to silver to vintage to customized, here are a few independent jewelers out there.

  1. Monkey Always Look – This is where I got Jeremy’s wedding band. He wanted the oxidized sterling silver ring, and we got it customized with one of the Bible verses that we read at our wedding. You can see his ring below and you can find the exact ring here. They offer monogrammed rings, copper rings, and even rings with the geographical coordinates of the place you are married!Amy+Jeremy-4
  2. Brent & Jess/Fabuluster: They created the original fingerprint band. You send in your fingerprint, and they imprint it on the inside or outside of the band. They even have a new “signature” ring where they imprint a signature on the band. How cool is that to have your spouse’s signature or fingerprint on your wedding band? (Photo source)FabulusterRings
  3. Brilliant Earth: They offer a mix of traditonial and nontraditional wedding bands, and the best part is, they only sell conflict-free diamonds. They are a great company with a great mission and beatuiful rings. (Photo source)BrilliantEarth3'
  4. Metalicious:

The great thing is, these are just a few options out of many. There are the traditional storefronts, jewelers on Etsy and plenty of little hometown/local jewelers that have so much to offer. If you’re looking for a traditional band, you have options and now, even if you aren’t, you have plenty of options as well! Since you’ll be wearing it every day, make sure to take the time and find something each of you will like. (Photo Sources)Metalicious

What are your thoughts? How do you like traditional vs. nontraditional bands? Where are you shopping/did you shop?


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