Music Monday + Cherry Camping Getaway


I’m so in love with this incredible weather.

Truthfully, I wasn’t so sure about fall being around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE autumn, I just wasn’t ready for our wonderful summer to be over. But, that all changed when Jeremy and I spontaneously decided to go camping this weekend and it was one of the most glorious weekends we’ve had in a while!

We packed up Saturday morning, stopped by Target for a new sleeping bag for me and some food/snacks and hit the open road to Fall Creek Falls. Funny thing is, we realized that we had done the exact same thing exactly one year prior. We ended up in the same camp area and even hit up the same Cracker Barrel Sunday morning on our way out. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and as we hiked to the bottom of the waterfall, there was a large group there who must have been a choir or acapella group, as they began singing hymns and other songs at the bottom of the falls and their voices echoed through the air.

I actually didn’t bring my camera, as I needed a getaway and though I LOVE photographing everything (and a little sad I missed photos of some moments), it was night to completely detach and just escape with my husband. So, the iPhone helped me document, but to not obsess over photos!


It truly was such a refreshing weekend and has made me so ready for the beautiful things of fall–including music! This may be odd, but there are certain artists/songs that I pretty much only listen to in the fall. Those songs remind me of time with my girlfriends in high school, my october birthday, fall football and our 1/2 mile driveway at home lined with golden yellow and orange leaves. Oh, the comforts of Autumn. I am so happy it’s here!

So, for Music Monday, I thought I’d highlight some of my Fall favorites. Do be warned, you might step back into the ’90s with some of the country and bluegrass, but you’ll be stepping into fall!

Do you have any favorite songs/artists you listen to in the fall?

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