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honeymoonfeaturephotoI’m not the best teacher, so I don’t really blog about the technical side of photography or anything, but oh how I love blogging about the wedding planning tips when I can! I loved scouring blogs to get ideas + advice when planning our wedding!

You know what was really awesome to plan? Our Honeymoon! (Please ignore my old logo!) After all the planning, hopefully you’ll get to escape at some point with your new husband or wife! I don’t have too many tips, but I did want to write about some the things we did, as we felt it was just perfect and incredibly relaxing!

  1. Hire a travel agent:You already have plenty of things to worry about, why stress over planning a honeymoon when you can talk with a travel agent? Their services are often free and boy was it a relief for someone who knew what they were doing to plan ours! It was SO easy. We used Sandy Riner, who is based in Harrisonburg, VA. She booked the flights and everything. We just gave her an idea of what we’d like to do and she came back to us with AMAZING options! If you’re here in Nashville, I HIGHLY recommend Carlie at 2 Travel Anywhere–she’s so sweet!
  2. Excellence Resorts: We stayed at the Excellence resort in the Mayan Riviera. It was pure paradise! Beds on the beach, bars + hammocks in the pool, free 24-hour room service, free kayaking…it doesn’t get much better than that! The resort chain has other locations as well and we have countless friends who visited Excellence and we all can’t stop raving about it!
  3. Do all-inclusive if you can: I’m not usually for all-inclusive because Jeremy and I love to explore and try new things, but for a honeymoon after months of decisions, it was so nice that the only decision we had to make was when we were hungry and which restaurant to go to– there were at least 7 restaurants to choose from!
  4. Decide your priorities/what you want before planning: Do you want pure relaxation? The beach or mountains?  A bit of adventure? Something international or state-side? Think about the travel time/plane ride and all the things you may want to do and pick priorities. For us, we LOVE exploring and traveling, so it was hard to not pick something that would include a lot of culture + exploring, but we knew we just needed to relax and be together. We could have gone to the Mayan Ruins on a trip through the resort, but we just decided to stay put. Just think through what your priorities are and talk to a travel agent to figure something out that would be best for you. There are so many options!
  5. Pack the week before: You don’t want to be packing the night or two before your wedding!
  6. Planning your departure: Some people suggested to us to leave a day in between the wedding and honeymoon so that you just have a day to relax. We truly just didn’t  have the time to take off, so we left about 6 am the next morning. It truly wasn’t that bad, we were so excited to get on that plane that the early wake-up call didn’t bother us. Though, I completely understand why some suggest leaving a day in between. The best advice about that that I have heard  is to stay somewhere fun so you aren’t bored on that day!

In case you’re wondering…here’s a little glimpse into our honeymoon resort:

IMG_4863 IMG_4887-2 IMG_4893 copy IMG_4899-2 IMG_4925-2 IMG_4959 IMG_4969 copy IMG_5013 copy


Have any other questions about planning your honeymoon? Or where are you planning to go? Would love to hear feedback!


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  1. Rebekah Hoyt says:

    We booked through Luxury Link ( and found an incredible deal! It’s the #1 site I recommend to anyone planning a honeymoon!

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