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Some people like it, some people don’t, but I won’t lie, I LOVED creating our wedding registry. I know it is such a “traditional” thing, but I love good tradition and these aren’t the days of toasters and punch bowls. ( I’m pretty sure my parents received 3 punch bowls for their wedding!)

Jeremy and I were a little odd in that we did 4 registries ( I know, a bit overboard), but there were just too many styles we liked. And boy, was he a patient groom as I drug him from store to store. Thank you, Jeremy for letting me have fun! With that, I wanted to give a few tips as well as my favorite items we received off our registry, because you never know what is best until you start putting together your first home!

  1. Think about stores that are available to guests: The average registry is probably about 3 stores, but we did 4, based on what was available. We registered at Target, Crate + Barrel, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Crate + Barrel isn’t in Nashville (SO sad), but there is one in Richmond, VA, right outside of where we married. We chose some stores that different generations like to shop at, as well as super convenient stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. Some people prefer to shop at Target (me!) and some prefer Macy’s, etc.
  2. Make a Day/Date of it: It can get very tiring very quickly, so if yo do it all in one day like we did, plan a date night for after to unwind and enjoy!
  3. Be patient: You’re bound to disagree on some things! We each got to pick a few favorite things and tried to do the rest together. I could have gone for a super girly china set, but instead, we chose a nicer dinnerware that could be used every day or for special occasions.
  4. Think pretty, but also practical: Jeremy and I didn’t buy a house right off that bat and truly don’t plan to for a few years. Even if you do, do think through some things practically because you’ll need to find space for everything! I HAD to have my KitchenAid stand mixer ( I seriously dreamed of having my own for years), so we got some smaller versions of other appliances, etc.
  5. Include items in all price ranges: I remember being in college and trying to buy gifts, so adding a variety of stores/items helps guests who are SO graciously contributing to your new life + home together!
  6. Amazon/Online Registries: There are so many places to register, in store, online, etc. Now, there are even registries like that pull all of your online registries in one place. Or, you can add things from places that don’t have a registry, yet can all be accessed online. Just be sure to try using it yourself first, some of them can be SO tricky!
  7. Write Thank-You Notes: I may be old-fashioned, but write those thank-you notes! In my mind, an email is just not sufficient here. We are SO very thankful for all of the support for our wedding, and on top of that so many guests help make our first place a home. People are so kind to give and help make your first home, and that is something to be recognized!

My Favorite Registry items:

  1. KitchenAid Mixer: My favorite pastime and de-stresser is baking. I  was just GIDDY when my parents gave us this, I just love it SO much!
  2. Rice Cooker/Steamer: This may be our most-used appliance–thank you Grant + Joe! We eat a lot of rice and steaming healthy veggies is a cinch.
  3. Waffle Maker: We use this thing like crazy. I love nothing more than pulling this out for Saturday + Sunday mornings!
  4. Brita Pitcher: What a lifesaver. I was always too cheap to buy one, and now I can’t imagine not having it!
  5. Dinnerware: I just love ours. I LOVE entertaining, and can’t wait to host a full dinner party with these pretty plates 🙂
  6. White towels: I always thought white linens were too boring, but I have been converted. With the amount of laundy we have, it is so nice to just throw all the white linens in and wash them in hot without thinking. They are just so crisp, clean and pretty!
  7. Cooking Set/ Pots + Pans: We received our first full cooking set from Jeremy’s family and it is AMAZING to have great pots and pans. I now love knowing that they won’t be a pain to clean and they cook so well!
  8. Tea Kettle: I hate using the microwave and avoid it all costs, so I love being able to just heat up water whenever I need to easily.
  9. Photo Ledges: Having some items to decorate with from the get-go helped from keeping our walls bare for the first month or so!
  10. Crock-Pot/Slow Cooker: This thing will save you. In the winter, especially. Amazing soups and pork carnitas are our favorites, and they cook all day without any work. Such a help after working all day!

Married couples-what have been some of your favorite registry items? Brides-to-be, what are you registering for?

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