Amy Nicole Photography: 2014 in Review


I’m always amazed at how much can happen in a year. As I prepare for a new year, I’m overwhelmed at all the dreams I’m dreaming and all of the things I’d love to see happen this year.

2014 was a year of growth, an incredible amount of growth. Growth in weddings, growth in my art, growth in bookings, growth in my business, growth in marriage, you name it. Looking back through my photographs from this year, I was quickly reminded of how much truly has happened this year. So many things I had forgotten that occurred….because I didn’t think it was possible for so much to happen and change in 12 months. I’m fascinated to see just how much my vision has changed in a year as well.

With that, I’m hopeful for 2015. Hopeful for even more growth and dream chasing. There’s a beautiful world out there I plan to keep exploring and so many stories I get to tell this coming year. I’m so thankful for the couples I got to work with in 2014 and so eager to work with some amazing new couples this year. Thank you for choosing me and letting me into one of the most intimate experiences and day of your lives, I don’t take it for granted. I’m all about people and their stories…and the heirlooms they get to pass down. These photographs will tell stories to the generations to come and brings me so much joy.

As I was planning my post for Best of 2014, I wanted to showcase favorites from all my weddings, families, adventures, you name it. But then I realized, that was way too big of a feat, as I love each and every one of my clients and adventures too dearly to choose. So, I chose to feature 25 of my personal favorite photographs from the year. Some have a bit of background, and some just make my heart sing for reasons I can’t explain.

Here’s a snapshot of Amy Nicole Photography in 2014:

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0007.jpgA sneak peek from my “Iconic” shoot. Can’t wait to reveal this project so close to my heart.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0008.jpgA favorite photograph from my first workshop, the Belle Lumiere workshop in July focused on film. I’ve loved incorporating film into my workflow!

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0018.jpgThis photograph exudes romance. I can’t wait to celebrate these two this year!

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0016.jpgThe delicacy and femininity of Becca’s veil and shoes...I just love it!

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0017.jpgStillness. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day…when the bride and groom can sneak away and relish in the moment.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0019.jpgClass.  It’s not all about the bride…and Mark was one dapper groom! Their wedding was featured in Nashville Lifestyles Weddings.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0020.jpgStyle. Lindsey + Jack are smitten and full of style, and will marry in just a few short weeks!

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0021.jpgAnother peek at “Iconic.”

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0014.jpgI love nothing more than when couples open up, relax and just love on one another. So simple and sweet.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0013.jpgA moment so perfect and unposed. I turned to find the bridesmaids fluffing Mel’s dress perfectly. 

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0011.jpgThat tree lined driveway is so stunning at Stevenson Ridge in Virginia…Oh, sweet Virginia.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0010.jpgAnother moment timed perfectly. While taking Anna’s portrait, this butterfly landed so sweetly upon heir veil. She said it reminded her of her grandmother…those moments are what it’s all about.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0022.jpgAnticipation. My sweet friend, Joanna, made a glowing mother-to-be. The anticipation and excitement of a child is just breathtaking.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0009.jpgOur first trip to Colorado together and our friends took us out to the sand dunes…a sight that left us speechless.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0012.jpgI’d always wanted to photograph a groom in uniform. I will never forget the way Hunter carried himself and cared for his bride, Jess. Pure Love.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0026.jpgMel told me from day one that she wanted to have her bridal session at the same church her grandparents married in in Alabama. A summer day brought such beautiful light, and well, Mel is just simply stunning!

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0024.jpgOne of my favorite film photographs from the year.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0015.jpgPhotographing friends during their engagement is such a joy for me. The way Brandy looks at Trey is a look of pure adoration.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0030That bouquet, the colors and the frou frou chic ribbon.

southern-photographer-bestof2014_0025.jpgMy last wedding of the year….the colors shone so vibrantly for Katherine and Weston! Their wedding will come to the blog soon!southern-photographer-bestof2014_0023.jpgAmongst all the photographs I take, some of my favorites are the most simple. Especially when it involves family. To think our family will look at these photographs for years to come when little Cooper grows….that’s why I take photographs. and Rachel on their wedding day at Stevenson Ridge. They were both my roommates who said they’d never date…and this year they married. | Amy Nicole PhotographyHis band of unity to her and his hand on her shoulder…forever.

The way the light shone on Malorie’s dress was just perfect! Oh, there are few things that make me more giddy than seeing a bride in her gown for the first time.
southern-photographer-bestof2014_0027To finish, this photograph from our trip to New York City goes down as an all-time favorite. There’s nothing special about this image technically, but it means so much to me. I’ve always loved New York City, and even planned on moving there for years ( we are talking, full-force dreams). I’ve always dreamed of NYC at Christmas, and though we missed the decor, the skating rink at Rockefeller has always felt magical to me and I had never seen it before. The classic black and white image just brings so many of my favorite things, dreams and memories into one.



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