Simple Life + Simple Love: The Heart Behind It All


SimpleLifeSimpleLove-AuthenticweddingphotographerI studied journalism in college, yet as I sit here to write, it feels unnatural in so many ways.

You see, growing up, I couldn’t wait to get out my small town. I dreamed of the days I’d wake up to the sounds of the city and the pace of life happening outside. New York City was my only destination and that dream continued into college as I found my way to the school newspaper my first week there. While many were just pumped to be at college and start the partying, I was ready to start making things happen. I was thrilled to meet those who ran the paper and I couldn’t wait to dive in.


Well, chances had it that I’d stop by the photography desk and I was intrigued. Intrigued with taking photographs for the paper, so as my spunky (and naive) self, I introduced myself and mentioned that I’d love to learn more. I had interned with a local photographer in high school, so that world was so fascinating to me. I shared my “portfolio” from my point and shoot and somehow the editor decided he’d give me a chance. I followed him on an assignment, he taught me a few camera terms and let me loose.

And here I am today, almost 9 years (9 years!?) later. I really can’t remember not photographing life around me. So, that whole journalism thing didn’t quite pan out. Words never did it for me in the way photographs could.

All that to say, I wanted to share a little more of the heartbeat of my business and why I do what I do. I shared a little more about myself  in an interview when I launched the site, but I realized there was a little missing piece to heart of it all.

Simple Life + Simple Love.

I hashtag it, it’s on my home page, I share it, but I’ve never dug into what that means to me or shared with you the life behind the “tagline” of Amy Nicole Photography.

Simple Life + Simple Love is explanatory in its own way, but it truly is the center of our lifestyle, our goals & dreams, how we serve, and what my clients align with – families & couples alike.

Our lives today are crowded. Crowded with the noises of “shoulds,” productivity, the race to hustle and the race to “better” and “best.” I’m a victim to it in more ways than I’d like to admit, but when I think about where I want to be when I’m 80, Simple Life + Simple Love rings true.

I believe in families rich in love and documenting all the moments of life, big and small. I believe in tangible heirlooms to cherish and pass down to continue your story and legacy. I believe in a simple life, one that may be crazy, but crazy beautiful in the truth & love that surrounds it. I  believe in filling my life with experiences, not things. I believe in slowing down, soaking up, and celebrating the little things.

My desire to travel and photograph this beautiful world God has created and the people He’s created is equally met with a love to crowd around a table with my family and share a meal.

That small town I mentioned I couldn’t wait to leave? It’s fresh air these days. I sill would love to move to the city that never sleeps (even if for a short stint!), but for completely different reasons.


I simply want to experience and embrace the beautiful chaos of life. Remembering that amazing pastry I had with my handsome husband in San Francisco means so much more than creating epic photographs to show off the places I’ve been. (Don’t get me wrong, I love documenting those parts of life too!) The beauty of this world can be pretty “epic,” but I think there’s a bit of epic in our everyday lives. I truly believe a simple life is the most fulfilling.

And a simple love is just what it seems. You just love. Love the one you’ll call husband or wife. Love your family. Love your friends. Just love. Don’t worry about the “shoulds,” the gifts, the savings accounts, the endless traveling, the big (and perfectly decorated) house or the fancy car.

Is it easy? No.

Simple was never synonymous with easy.

But it certainly is oh-so-full.


>>So what does this have to do with my business and photography?

In light of keeping this post from getting WAY too long…I’ll share a bit more next week! Stay tuned and have a beautiful weekend!!


PS- thanks to the amazing Alyssa Joy for the portrait of us!

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