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Matlida: At-home family session in Charlottesville, VA




I believe the best kinds of photographs are the ones that make you feel. The kind that takes you back to a moment that you may have not remembered, or back to a moment you hold dearly.

Childhood is something I remember so fondly. The times with my family, the traditions we had, the places we went, and most of all, the simplicity of home. Home was a safe place. It was a place where I was free to be myself in every way imaginable, a place where I was encouraged, a place where life felt so full. I may be grown now, but I still feel that way about home.

This vision is so much of how I approach telling the stories of families. The things that make them tick, the things that bring them joy…the simple things of the everyday, like taking a bath and having mom or dad read stories. So genuine, so true.

The ever-talented Elisa Bricker invited me into their home to document some time with her sweet daughter, Matlida, and what a treat it was to watch these two together. Matilda is so full of spunk, but even more so, joy. Her crazy little curls and her sweet waddles…it doesn’t get much cuter.

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