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Why You Should Have an Heirloom Wedding Album


So you’re planning your wedding, and you’re planning your budget. You’re ready to book your dream photographer, but you haven’t really thought through photography past the actual wedding day. It’s a lot to think about, I totally understand! But let me tell you, having an Heirloom Wedding Album is something you should absolutely think about when planning for your wedding photography. If you have stunning wedding photos, and they simply sit on a hard drive somewhere, you’re missing out on actually enjoying those photos of yours!

Today, I’m sharing my top reasons you should have an Heirloom Wedding Album.

An Heirloom Album brings your wedding day to life.

As I mentioned above, your photos shouldn’t just sit on a hard drive somewhere. How fun is it to look at your wedding photos on your phone anyhow? Believe me when I say you’ll be amazed by how much more you’ll love your wedding photos when you can hold them, enjoy a glass of wine and flip through the pages that hold the day you married your best friend. Your album can live on your coffee table or a favorite spot in your home and it will beg you to enjoy your photos over and over, unlike the millions of photos on your phone or hard drive that simply become another number.

These wedding albums are anything but “retro.”

You may think of yellowed pages and slip-in photo pages when you think of wedding albums, but wedding albums today are in a totally different league! I personally searched high and low for the best albums for my clients because I believe in having printed photos so deeply. These Heirloom Albums are available in luxe linen & leather covers with thick lay-flat pages and gorgeous modern design. The best part? You get to be a part of the design part while still getting to sit back and enjoy the process without the work of designing an album yourself.

Heirloom Albums are a physical reminder of why you fell in love.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and rewarding journeys of life, and it’s an adventure I’m endlessly thankful for. But, there will be days where things may be hard, life gets in the way or the kids may have driven you past crazy that day. Your wedding album is an incredible reminder of your first day of this journey together and can bring you right back to that moment you said “I Do.” Your Heirloom Album is so much more than just photos on a page, it’s a reminder of why you chose one another and where it all began.

Heirloom Albums share your story for generations to come.

As technology changes, enjoying printed photos will simply never change. Sure, how they are printed may have changed over the years, but sharing those photographs with the people you love will not change. As you and your kids grow old, you’ll have tangible stories to share. Tangible prints to hold. You will help form the legacy of your family rather than having it lost in this ever-changing digital age.

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Have any questions about Heirloom Albums? Ready to start on your own Heirloom Album? Contact me here with any questions!

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