What to Wear for Family Photos: Spring Inspiration


You may not be surprised, but the number one question I get asked is…”what do wear?!”

And the truth is, I totally get it.

We as a family have our photos taken each year, and it’s a daunting task to not only pick out something you love and will feel beautiful in, but then to coordinate for everyone in the family along with their wishes and opinions. It’s not the easiest task, but my two biggest suggestions are:

  1. Mom, you pick first and coordinate from there.

  2. Don’t overthink it.

Now, the second task is way easier said than done. I get it! But, if you overthink it, it becomes stressful and that feeds into how you may feel at the session and I want you to have FUN! Second, my guess is that you have some pieces in your closet that make you feel amazing and that you truly love! And feeling your best totally conquers all, because it shows if you feel uncomfortable. No one wants to be pulling at their clothes for the whole session.

When we work together, I’ll send you a session prep guide that answers some of the frequently asked questions about what to wear, but I also wanted to put something fun together for you…some inspiration for the season! Of course, feel free to copy these outfits completely, but I wanted to share inspiration for you to pull pieces from your closet and/or for you to find pieces you love at your favorite stores! These can be your full inspiration or just a spring board to get your ideas going.

There is a lot of inspiration out there sharing simple neutrals only, and though I truly love neutrals, I personally love a pop of color and/or a print here and there. You should feel like yourself in photos, and your family should too! So, the inspiration I pulled a mix of patterns, colors, neutrals and styles. You may dislike a few of the styles and land on a style that feels true to you and your family. Personally, I love all of these for different reasons!

Dress// Romper // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants // Girl’s Dress // Boy’s Shirt // Girl’s Dress

Women’s Shirt // Women’s Skirt // Women’s Shoes // Girl’s Dress // Overalls // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants

Dress// Boy’s Shirt // Boy’s Shirt // Men’s Jacket // Men’s Shirt // Men’s Pants // Men’s Shoes // Girl’s Dress // Girl’s Overalls

Women’s Blouse// Women’s Pants //Boy’s Shirt // Girl’s Dress // Men’s Shirt // Boy’s Shorts  // Baby Dress // Boy’s Shirt

Women’s Blouse // Women’s Jeans // Men’s Shirt // Overalls // Boys’ Shirt // Girl’s Dress // Boy’s Shorts // Girl’s Romper

Want more inspiration? I’m constantly pinning over on pinterest with favorite family, baby, toddler, kid & maternity pieces!


Amy Nicole Photography has been documenting stories of life and love for over 10 years. Amy is a family & newborn lifestyle photographer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. She strives to create timeless, genuine and effortless photos for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

I’d love to create photographs for your family that feel genuinely you.

You can learn more or contact me here!

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