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There is nothing better than packaging up my couples’ beautiful weddings in print. I know, I know, I say it every time, and it’s something you’ve heard from me multiple times. But let me tell you, you won’t stop hearing how much I love it, because printed photographs is at the heart of what I do.

It’s where a wedding and a story come to life. Photographs come to life in print. In an album and in tangible prints. In ten years when you’re celebrating the day you became one, you can sit in your home with theses prints in hand and relive your day.

Even in just a few months after your wedding day, with those fights you’ll have, you can sit and look at the love you shared with so many that day.

And when your daughter or son ask about your wedding day, you can show them by handing them your favorite print or your wedding album.

Instead of gathering around a computer screen, you can gather around the table and share these dear moments of the day you became husband and wife.

Every one of my couples walks away with a beautiful Heirloom Box, and most walk away with a gorgeous Heirloom Album as well. Each box is custom-made for each couple with their choice of linen/fabric and it holds their favorite 100 photographs from the day. It’s finished off with their names in foil to bring that timeless touch.

Here’s a peek of Matt & Amber’s gorgeous Heirlo0m Box!

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  1. Amber Martell says:

    Amy- We have already loved holding these prints in our hands and reliving this beautiful day! It is so special for us to have the physical prints (such fantastic quality) and it reminds me of the feeling I got when I was a kid and my mom would pick up pictures from the photo lab and we COULDN’T WAIT to dig in and see the pictures from a trip or a special event. So sweet. THANK YOU!

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