How to Schedule and Prepare for Your Charlottesville Maternity Photo Session


After personally having two maternity sessions, I thought it was about time I share a few tips for preparing for your maternity session! It’s always so eye-opening having a session as a photographer,  because believe it or not, I run into some of the same pain points that my wonderful clients too! Choosing what to wear can be tricky depending on your style,  location and the weather. Choosing your location also involves some factors, along with whether it should be a solo session or a session with your whole family. Below you’ll find a few of the most frequently asked questions, but I’m an open book if you have any other questions that come to mind!

When to schedule your maternity session

-Between 30 and 36 weeks is a golden time frame for your maternity session. It’s a sweet spot on how you’re feeling physically and mentally, along with being far enough along to show off  your  beautiful bump easily.

Choosing What to Wear

– Even  though photography is what I do day in and day out, finding the perfect outfit for my maternity sessions was still harder than I expected. Finding something that hugs you just right, while thinking through the elements of weather and movement, it can be tricky to find the perfect  outfit!

– Overall, I always recommend dresses,  simply for the way they photograph. They have some nice flow and allow for movement in  photographs. I’d suggest thinking through the weather, location and aesthetic  you’re going for when choosing your dress. I personally chose dresses that were midi and maxi in length so that they’d have nice movement  while making it easy for  me to sit, stand and move easily.

– Also, be sure to  order your dress  at  least a few weeks in advance so that you know it fits well  and  you’ll have time to exchange for another size or get it tailored if needed. If you’re doing an at-home session, sometimes a cozy sweater or tunic can be a good alternative! (Or, if we plan ahead, we can plan for two outfits like Mallory did for her at-home session)

Where to Find the Perfect Outfit

– While we’re talking about what to wear, I  wanted to  share a  few  favorite spots to shop  as you’re choosing your perfect outfit/dress:

ASOS // Madewell // Nothing Fits But // Doen //  PinkBlush // Hatch // Old Navy // Hill House // Christy Dawn // Roolee

Choosing Your Location

– Charlottesville is full of lovely locations, and I’m happy to help you in the  process! You could  do a cozy session at home,  or a session in the mountains.  We could head to the river or I could  set up a backdrop for a clean  & classic portrait. Once you’ve chosen your location, that will  help you in choosing  what to wear as well.

Including Family Members

– I’m always eager to include your family! When expecting our first, I included my husband for our  maternity session while also having portraits done. For my second, I wanted to savor a sweet season  with my oldest  before her baby sibling arrived, so  I opted  to do a session with just her and I. Granted, we had just had family photos done a month or two  prior, so I did have photos of all  three of us as well.  Most of my maternity clients include their spouse & children, as we can get a combination  of photos and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate as a family!

Hair & Makeup

– If possible, I always recommend having your hair & makeup professionally done. It’s a way to celebrate, and a way to treat yourself. Did I  mention it makes things easier for you, mama?

I personally didn’t have  it done for my second maternity session because we were in the thick of a covid  surge  and I wanted to  play it safe, but  I missed having it done like I did with  my first! Again, not  necessary or required, but oh-so-helpful for you, beautiful mama!

Amy Nicole Photography has been documenting stories of life and love for over 10 years. Amy is a family & newborn lifestyle photographer serving Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. She strives to create timeless, genuine and effortless photos for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

I’d love to create photographs for your family that feel genuinely you.

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